Tumhari Humari Zindagi

By Ravinder Raghav

Book review

If I had to ask you what is the importance of love in your life, then what would you say?

Do you have someone special in your life? Do you love someone? Have you ever loved someone? Are you still together? Or had to break up due to various reasons? Do you miss them?

If these questions evoked some or any emotions, then this is what you will feel while reading Tumhari Humari Zindagi. Written by Ravindra Raghav and printed by Notion Press, this one is a must read.

Ravinder is the Head of Biomedical Engineering and Deputy General Manager- Supply Chain at Medanta Hospital but deep inside there is a writer who finally gave wings to his talent in the year 2020 by launching his solo book, Tumhari Humari Zindagi in 2020.

He approached me through LinkedIn and shared his book and his desire to send me a copy. I agreed and in lieu of that informed that I would review his book on my blogs in different platforms. He agreed for that and I finally got a chance to read his poetries.

This book is a collection of his poetry and sharia in Hindi. Even though I am not a Hindi reader but this book kept me hooked. The cover is simple, beautiful and attractive. The innocence, the feeling of love blossoming, the agony of separation, when someone cheats you, doesn’t commit you or reciprocate your feelings has been perfectly described by him through his words.

The poetries usually focus on life and love. If you have ever fallen in love with someone, or love someone, then you will surely be able to relate to his poems. You will find yourself visualizing as the lines progress.

However, if you haven’t ever loved, you will fall in the love with the idea of love. Such magical are his writings. I am not exaggerating when I say this but his words will touch and even rip your heart. You will feel as you read.

His poems have it all, the feeling when you first meet, when you talk, spend time, love each other with your heart and soul, when you have to separate, the last time you see each other, the heart burn of breaking up, etc. Additionally, there are supporting images with reference to the writings on the right page and this makes the book all the more interesting.

My favorite lines

While there were many lines and shayari which touched my heart, sharing my few favourites (choosing them was tough) –

तुम्हारी हमारी ज़िन्दगी भी नदी के किनारों की तरह है,

जो चलते तो साथ साथ हैं, लेकिन मिल नहीं सकते।

तुम्हारा दिल तो अंगूर के गुच्छे की तरह है,

हर एक दाना हर एक के लिए।

साहिब बड़ा गुरूर था मुझे अपने उसूलों पर,

तुम से मलने के बाद ना गुरूर रहा ना उसूल।

साहिब तुमसे अब मा कोई शिकवा न शिकायत,

भूल मेरी थी जो तोड़ दिए उसूल तुम्हारी खातिर।

तेरी मेरी मोहब्बत का दुश्मन कोई और नहीं,

तेरा द्धर्म और मेरा भगवान हो गया

And this is just the beginning. There is a lot more!

I like this book because

The poems and shayaris are short. For those who have a short attention span, this will be a good read as you will be able to quickly finish bulk pages in a few minutes. The writings perfectly describe the emotions are relatable. The innocence, pain and emotions can be felt as they have been expressed perfectly. Not being a hard core romantic myself and preferring English works, this one made me kept me hooked throughout especially since the start. And when it ended, it left me with a feeling of wanting more.   

The only thing which didn’t strike with me

Was that poems were less. I wish they could have been a bit more. For a reader like me, I crave for more.

The Scribbler’s Dais rating- 4/5

I request you to purchase his book from Amazon over here. Meanwhile, you can reach out to him at shayari_ravinder at his Instagram profile.

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