• Tumhari Humari Zindagi
    We all have experienced love personally, or around us. The successful stories, the one-sided love, the unrequited love stories. How about experiencing those feelings and emotions through words in the form of poetry and shayaris? Read on Tumhari Humari Zindagi by Ravinder Raghav.
  • Did you have your artsy cake yet?
    Artistic cakes are not only a treat for the eyes but for the taste buds as well. Did you have your customized cake, cup cake, cake jar or brownie yet?
  • Corporate Atyaachaar: The Comical Journey of an Office Doormat
    Have you ever worked in the Corporate sector? Did you ever have a terrible boss? Have you ever settled down in a different city? Then, this book is a must-read. Check out my review and decide wisely.
  • Congratulations! The Scribbler’s Dais is now an anthology (a book)
    The scribbler’s Dais is my pen name and blog name and is now also the name of my compiled anthology. It is now a book too. How cool is that? Grab your copy today.
  • Bandish Bandits
    Bandish Bandits is one of the most unique and entertaining shows that I have seen in the past couple of months. It is fresh and musical with a lot of hooks. Read my detailed review over here.
  • The Scribbler’s Dais Book cover launch
    In an attempt to try something new and bring some excitement in my life, I took a decision that turned out to be a roller-coaster ride. I thought of compiling my own anthology. So far, I had co-authored in 50+ anthologies and my inner voice said, ”let’s try compiling for once.’‘ I connected with a … Continue reading The Scribbler’s Dais Book cover launch
  • The not-so forgotten legacy
    Food Designer, Akash Muralidharan talks about bringing back forgotten recipes through his 100 days cooking challenge.
  • Young Indian duo sets America’s Got Talent’s stage on fire
    In conversation with the famous BAD Salsa troupe. They took way our breaths and gathered a place in our hearts with their power packed performance on America’s Got Talent’s stage.
  • Yash Tiwari pens down fictional story on the pandemic
    In conversation with Internationally acclaimed author, Yash Tiwari who has penned down the world’s first fictional story on the pandemic.
  • Celebrate your day the chocolaty way
    Happy World Chocolate Day folks! Do you have any special chocolaty recipes to share with us?

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